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  1. Sarah Gray says:

    Hello Joy

    I am 17 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins! My son who is almost 2 was born at home, nice and straight forward. I had planned for the same to happen agian! I have only just started thinking about an independant midwife so would just like to know how you feel about delivering twins?

    Thankyou, look forward to hearing from you


    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah,

      can you phone me to discuss your situation? I have cared for women expecting twins but am unsure if I am available around your due date due to having another client due. We need to discuss further what your specific needs are. If I am unable to care for you I may be able to suggest another Independent midwife.
      Joy Horner

  2. kay says:

    Hello Joy,

    Are you accepting full midwifrey care clients due in begining of October 2012?


    • admin says:

      Not accepting clients at the moment due to family matters. I don’t know my plans for October yet.
      can I help you with any other information?

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