Additional Services

Additional Services (available after March 2017)

As an Independent Midwife I am able to provide independent information on pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. I have been a midwife for 15 years and have worked in homes, hospitals and birth centres. Whether planning a home or hospital birth, under NHS or Independent Midwifery care, find out what choices are available to you. You can book a one-off appointment with me in your own home, or you can visit me at my clinic in Glastonbury, or book a skype call with me.

Antenatal Midwifery Consultations  These are hour long meetings in your own home, before or during or after pregnancy, to plan the care you need. I listen to your needs and worries and provide you with information to enable you to make truly informed decisions about your care. This can include talking through previous births, or planning your current pregnancy and birth care, including writing your birth plan to share with other care providers if needed. This will be of particular benefit to those who’ve experienced a previous traumatic birth, those with high risk pregnancies, those planning vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), or Breech birth. The fee for this professional consultation in your own home is £50 per hour, or £35 per hour if you come to my office in Glastonbury, or by Skype.

Antenatal Advocacy – is available to anyone who needs a professional advocate to accompany them to appointments with health care providers. During your consultation appointment we can discuss your needs and plan options for care during pregnancy or birth. After defining your preferences you can plan what you need to discuss at your hospital appointment. I can then accompany you to your appointment as an advocate and advisor if needed.

Preparation for birth after Trauma Many women suffer traumatic events in their childhood or adult lives which lead to additional fears around pregnancy, birth and parenting. After your initial consultation appointment you can decide whether to book childbirth preparation classes, one to one birth de-briefing or birth planning sessions (2 are usually recommended), or if Skype pregnancy coaching sessions, or midwifery support during birth or postnataly would benefit you most.

Breech Birth Advocacy  Diagnosis of a breech presenting baby in late pregnancy can be a confusing time. I can support your choices by offering a one to one service to help you make important decisions about your care. Any, or all of the following options are available;

  • A 2 hour consultation including counselling on the different types of breech birth, birth options, photo stories of breech births, and optimum ways to birth your baby. Available as a face to face session or by skype
  • Accompanying you to a hospital appointment to discuss options, plan care, or offer support during ECV.
  • Birth advocacy, where I accompany and support you throughout your hospital birth and a couple of hours after.
  • A  postnatal de-briefing appointment to discuss your birth experience.

VBAC SupportIf you have had a previous caesarean and would like to discuss your birth options for your next pregnancy I can provide you with information and support. During a consultation you can discuss your previous birth and hopes for this birth. You can then have a follow-up appointment to look at any fears and make a positive birth plan for your baby’s birth. I can provide midwifery support during the birth if required. A postnatal de-brief appointment, or postnatal midwifery care can also be booked, if needed.

Post term pregnancy options –  This is a consultation to discuss options for pregnancy continuing beyond your “Estimated Due Date.” We can discuss which natural methods are likely to work and which are old wives tales, discuss medical induction versus expectant management beyond 42 weeks of pregnancy, suggest complementary therapies which may help labour to start, or have a relaxing foot massage, visualisation or use of acupressure points to encourage relaxation.

Postnatal Services:

Postnatal de-briefing sessionAfter any type of birth you can book an appointment to discuss your labour and birth, or how this might affect future pregnancies or births. Particularly useful after a traumatic birth or if birth did not go as planned.

Postnatal visits – these are available in addition to your NHS postnatal midwifery care. As a one-off or as Part of a full postnatal package I can provide help with postnatal recovery, breastfeeding or baby care. I can also accompany you to any hospital appointments if needed. Single midwifery visits within a 50 mile radius are £100.


All midwifery services in your own home or the hospital cost £50 per hour if you live within a 50 mile radius of my home in Glastonbury.

I offer a discounted price if you attend my clinic  at The Red Brick Building in Glastonbury or sessions are by Skype. Midwifery appointments are just £35 per hour and concessions are available.


I hold a Diploma of Higher Education in Antenatal teaching. I teach preparation for birth classes, based on the ‘Birthing From Within’ model, to groups or as one to one sessions.

Antenatal class  Wednesdays 09:30-11:30    for anyone who’s pregnant plus their birthpartners. £8 per person

Women’s Pregnancy drop-in group Wednesdays 11:30-12:30 at the red brick building, Glastonbury. Suggested donation £4.

Positive Birth Group  Wednesday 12:30-13:30 Free lunchtime group open to all. bring your lunch and join us for Positive birth information.

Postnatal support group Wednesdays 13:30-14:30pm at the red brick building. Suggested donation £3

Antenatal Birth preparation Classes – A 2 day weekend course for women and their birth supporter to prepare for the journey to parenthood. Drawing on your innate birthing wisdom these classes help you prepare for the unpredictable and transformative nature of birth. 

I teach study days for midwives, doctors and other students. Previous topics include: Breech birth, The midwife- mother relationship, Independent midwifery, Homebirth, and Your perfect pelvis.

I also run workshops for doulas and other birth workers, including those who wish to train as midwives themselves.

Please contact me to book a class, workshop or teaching session in your area.

I am trained to collect umbilical cord blood for stem cell storage for specific medical treatments. This is not recommended unless there is a specific need for stem cell treatment (i.e. a sibling having treatment for cancer). Babies need all of their stem cells at birth and it would be wrong to deprive a healthy newborn baby of it’s own blood. Umbilical cord clamping should never be done immediately after birth!

To book an appointment, classes or to discuss Independent Midwifery Care options please call Joy Horner on 07939247462.