Professional Consultancy Service

I provide in-person, skype or telephone consultations to inform, inspire and empower parents to consciously prepare for the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth.  By combining modern evidence and ancient knowledge with 36years of professional  experience I am committed to assisting  families to achieve the childbirth experience they hope for, helping babies to be born gently, safely and healthily.

Over the last few years, the number of NHS antenatal and postnatal appointments has been markedly reduced.  In addition, clinics are often very busy and the one-to-one time  between a midwife and client can be is severely limited.

I offer families the opportunity to access additional antenatal and postnatal midwifery information and support. I believe that anyone can enjoy the benefits of my services as an Independent Midwifery Consultant, to complement to the care provided by their local maternity service.

Midwives have a major role to play in supporting and protecting normality and in helping people avoid unnecessary interventions.  By helping to keep pregnancy, birth and the postnatal periods as straightforward as possible, people can optimise the chance of themselves, and their babies being in the best mental and physical health they can be, no matter what type of birth they have.

By offering the opportunity to discuss in depth any issues relating to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, I support and inform parents, and provide the time needed to explore all available options.  During these conversations I can inspire confidence in parents to make the right decisions for themselves and their baby.

You can contact me initially by email or phone for a free initial 15-minute consultation.  During this time we can discuss your requirements and work out which care would best suit your needs, whether a one-off 60-minute consultation, or a package of support sessions, or an online course would be more appropriate for you.  Payments are agreed and processed at this time via paypal or bank transfer, and your first appointment is scheduled at a time convenient for you.  You are then able to schedule your appointment in the comfort and privacy of your own home, by skype, zoom or phone at a time to suit you.  Whichever option you choose, you can always add extra consultations later if the need arises.

Over the course of your pregnancy we can get to know each other,  building your trust and giving you the time you need to talk about what matters most to you.  I can share relevant information and give you useful tips for birth and beyond. Regular appointments will enable you to build your confidence and self-belief, as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.  My professional services give you continuity and the opportunity to develop personal relationship with a midwife you can trust.  Once your baby has arrived I am available to support you and your family to care for yourself, as well as help with infant feeding and baby care.

My service compliments the maternity care you receive from your NHS midwife or doctor and is not designed to replace it.  Your health and well=being can only be fully assessed by a consultation with an appropriately trained health professional.

I believe in making my care affordable to as many people as possible.  As well as my online courses i offer personalised care for birth planning, birth debriefing, antenatal edication and pregnancy and postnatal support sessions. To keep things simple I have made the packages straightforward and easy to understand.

There are 3 options for pregnancy and postnatal midwifery support:

Option 1 is flexible and enables you to book as many single consultations as you want, when you need them.  Option 2 and Option 3 offer simple bundled packages at a discounted price.

Option 1- One-off Consultation

One-off 60 minute consultation – £50 If you need another appointment you can simply book for another session.


Option 2 – Mini Package

5-session package – booked and paid for in advance in one transaction. Sessions can be booked for pregnany, postnatal or a combination of both. The schedule of appointments will be finalised at booking when you have decided what will work best for you. Cost £200 (saving £50) If you need to talk more, additional consultations can be booked at any time.


Option 3 -Full Package

10- session package – Booked and paid for in advance, in one transaction. sessions can be booked for pregnancy or postnatal support, or a combination of both. Cost £400 (saving £100!). If you need more, sessions you can book more at any time.


I offer to follow each episode of care with a free 10-minute follow up call.

I can accept payment sby bank transfer or via paypal.

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