Independent Philosophy

Having worked in the NHS for a number of years I know how fragmented care can sometimes be. I grew dissatisfied being part of this system amd wanted to offer one to one support for such an important time in a woman’s life. I became an independent Midwife in 2005.

As an Independent midwife  and doula I have a very small case-load meaning I can give a better quality service. The care I give each woman is not comparable with NHS care. No wonder Independent Midwives are called “the Rolls Royce of birth attendants” (Stand and Deliver by Emma Mahoney).


Pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood are life-affirming and life-altering events which should be celebrated. I believe in women’s ability to give birth, and that childbirth is a normal bodily function for which we’ve been well designed.

Each woman’s body contains a perfect blueprint for birth which is unique to her. Women’s bodies are perfectly designed to carry, grow, birth and nourish their babies. Birth is an everyday miracle that has the power to positively transform a woman. When well supported women describe giving birth as joyful and even ecstatic!

I believe that a positive birth experience is the perfect start to parenthood.

I believe women should be able to choose the care that is best for them and their baby. I support a woman’s right to accept or decline any intervention, after full discussion.