Birth Art


Birthing from Within
Birthing from Within

Art plays an important part in my life.  Through my work as a childbirth education mentor, and as a midwife and doula I have used art to help my clients prepare for birth. 

I use art in my Birthing from Within birth preparation classes. In addition to information and coping techniques, clients can use art to explore their feelings or fears, and develop coping strategies. Available as a weekend course or as one to one teaching in your own home.

Phone Joy Horner on 07939247462 for details of current classes.

I hope to develop this page as my artwork gallery grows.

Please e-mail me with any of your own artwork that you’d like displayed here. in the meanwhile see: for wonderful birth art.

Belly Art – henna and painted bellies

Birth Art – any original art on the pregnancy/ birth/ parenting theme.

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  1. How do I sign up to get a notice of your blogs?
    I hope there is stategy put up by the government to maintain Independent midwives in the UK before Oct 2013.
    (originally UK trained midwife) Denise

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