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Useful information for pregnancy, birth and parenting

Independent Midwives UK contains a register of independent midwives in the United Kingdom.

Association for the Improvement in Maternity Services. Support for parents and professionals. Articles on homebirth, waterbirth, dangers of misoprostil (Cytotec), your rights etc.

Antenatal results and choices has a helpline and information on antenatal tests and results.

Homebirth An excellent site for homebirth information and birth stories. Vaginal birth after caesarean support and research information by Angela Horn. Induction, home versus hospital birth, and birth stories.

Pre and postnatal depression  helpline, advice and information.

Birth Trauma Association  for help following traumatic birth.

National association for people abused in childhood for help and advice.

Caesarean Information, support, pictures, poetry and birth stories, caesarean birth plans etc.

Association of Radical Midwives (ARM) Useful archives of information on all birth related topics, Including anaemia, meconium, home birth etc. Birth pool in a box do inflatable pools at affordable prices.

Twins and multiple births association how will I cope, breastfeeding and practical advise such as which buggy to buy and Research, local clubs and contacts.

With Woman lots of resources for creative birth and birth choices.

National Childbirth Trust has lots of pregnancy and birth information on line. Maternity sales do great information sheets such as straightforward birth, positions to make your labour shorter and easier, home birth etc.

National Electronic Library of Health. Research on just about everything.

Information on maternity care options such as where to have your baby and NHS statistics such as normal birth rate (national average 47.3%) and Caesarean section rates (national average 22.9%) See my statistics for comparison.

Compare statistics of hospitals in your area. the UK Caesarean rate is nearly 30% at some hospitals! The world health Organisation recommends between 10 to 15%.

The National institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)produces clinical guidelines on midwifery care. A bit heavy to wade through, but useful induction of labour after rupture of membranes guidelines.

Nursing and Midwifery Council The governing body of all nurses and midwives.


Breastfeeding and Postnatal Help

Baby calm –  aims to empower new parents to raise their baby with confidence by helping new parents understand how to calm a crying baby, calm baby colic and looks at the expectations of baby sleeping through the night. emotional support and practical advice to parents of babies who cry incessantly or have sleep problems.,0,0 breastfeeding help, 24hour helpline, forums etc. find out if your hospital is baby friendly. Leaflets on breastfeeding and safe bottle feeding. The Breastfeeding Network for information and support. Helpline, drug information etc.

National childbirth trust breastfeeding line 0870 4448708 8am- 10pm every day. To contact your nearest breastfeeding advisor. Local breast pump hire.

Complementary therapies Helios homeopathy for information and ready made childbirth homeopathy kits. They can even make a remedy from your placenta.

Cranial Osteopathy for babies and adults.


Green baby products for re-useable nappies. women’s environmental network info on reusable nappies, chemicals in cosmetics etc. for Natural baby products. for wonderful birth art.

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