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Having been a health professional for 35 years and a midwife for 19 years I love to share my knowledge and skills to enable others to practice gentle birth skills and achieve Joy-Full birth.

Contact me to arrange a study day or attend one of my classes.

I gained a Diploma of Higher Education in Antenatal teaching, and taught National Childbirth Trust antenatal classes from 2002 to 2007.

Since 2009 I have taught private Birth with Joy antenatal classes, as well as workshops for doulas and midwives, and “Becoming A Midwife” workshops (for those wishing to become midwives).

I ran a Homebirth group in Portsmouth from 2005 to 2010.

I have hosted a Joy Full pregnancy group from my home in Glastonbury from 2010 to the present day and run the local positive birth group.

I was first asked to teach student midwives at Bournemouth University in 2007. I have taught the 2nd year students about the Independent Midwifery Model annually since then, and have also spoken to whole cohorts about the importance of the mother-midwife relationship and the future of Independent Midwifery.

I have taught breech birth skills alongside Mary Cronk MBE and Shawn Walker RM of The Breech Birth Network since 2011.

I have taught internationally in Spain, Washington DC, and Finland so far.

I also carry a small Independent midwifery case load.

Please contact me on 07939247462 or email midwife@birthjoy.co.uk to enquire about booking a study day or class in your area.

2019 Classes

My women only Joy-full pregnancy drop-in group has a new home in my garden studio in Glastonbury every Wednesday 10am-12 midday.

Our popular Positive birth group runs every Wednesday 12-2pm in my garden studio in Glastonbury.

25th May – Birth Joy Active Birth class

A one day birth preparation class focused on having a Joy-full active birth.
Open and inclusive to all pregnant people and their birth partners. Whether this is your first time or if you have given birth before, you’ll learn practical skills and tips to optimise your chances of having a straightforward birth.

I am increasingly hearing from people who have had poor birth experiences, which can have far reaching consequences. I believe that knowledge is power. If you know your rights and choices you can make the best decisions about your care.

I’ve specially designed this class to help you have the best birth possible by combining my 19 years midwifery knowledge, my training with the National Childbirth Trust, direct learning from Ina May Gaskin (Spiritual Midwifery author), Gail Tully (Spinning Babies), Jane Hardwicke Collings (Ten Moons author) and others, blended with my own gentle mothering and life experience. You will leave this class feeling nourished, nurtured and Empowered.

Just £50 for the class or £90 for 2 people.

50% discount if you are a member of my Joyfull weekly pregnancy group ?

Concessions available if unwaged. Contact me for details.

Set in the beautiful town of Glastonbury. This is a small class so book soon to avoid disappointment.

Please email joy@birthjoy.co.uk if you would like to book or require further information.

23rd June – Birth Partners class

Join Joy Horner and Jady Mountjoy for this much requested Birth Partner’s Class.
This one day intensive is aimed at those who are pregnant and their birth partners.
The content will focus on how birth partners can support and play an active part in labour and birth, whilst getting the most out of this important event.

Joy and Jady have attended hundreds of births as a Doula and a Midwife respectively. Their combined experience including a diploma in childbirth education, working and learning from international childbirth experts, combined with 25 years of parenting, have been distilled into this unique class.

In this masterclass you will learn:

* How to create a safe space for labour and birth.
* Practical skills – how to help your partner relax and cope with labour sensations.
* How to communicate effectively with your partner and health professionals during labour.
* How to get the most from your role as birth supporter.
* The importance of Self care when caring for someone in labour.
* Practical ways to help after birth.
* The rights and choices available in labour and birth.

*Early bird offer £80 per couple * up to and including 9th June.
From 10th June full price £90 per couple.
Concessions available.
Joyful pregnancy group attendees get discount.

Book now to avoid disappointment as limited places available.

Email joy@birthjoy.co.uk or phone me on 07939247462 for further information.


September – Birth Joy Active Birth Class

October – Birth Partners class

November Active birth class

December – Birth Partners class

Previous study days:

October 2017 – Midwifery Today Finland – Keynote speaker

1st  February 2014 Love, Birth Sex and Chocolate weekend with the wonderful Lara Fairy Love. Barracks Lane Community Garden, Oxford. Email Lara on saarrukaa@yahoo.co.uk or join the event on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/226180474225543/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar

15th March and 26th April 2014- Empowering Midwifery workshops in Dorset with Chrissy Hustler “Spiritual midwifery in practice”. More details to follow.

August 2014The Norfolk Birth Gathering

March 2015 Midwives Rock 

I will be providing workshops at various festivals with “The wise woman collective” – dates and venues to be confirmed.

Teaching Schedule 2013

22nd November Doula UK study day with Shawn Walker in London.

11th November Brighton breech study day – a brief appearance to share photos of some of the more unusual breech births I have attended.

12th October- The Singing Midwife Tour  with Julie Dawid raising funds for IM UK. The fight for professional indemnity insurance for independent midwives.

18th September- Mother and Baby lunch club live web chat – ask the midwife session.

 6th September -MSLC meeting.Supporting women’s choice in breech birth”.

30th August to 1st September 2013. Da A Luz Midwifery Rocks course in Dorset- “Optimising straightforward vaginal birth”. Featuring my famous pelvic anatomy pants .

21st to 23rd June 2013. Birth Gathering, Norfolk – “Art as therapy for birth workers and their clients”.

30th May – 2nd June 2013. Doula Gathering Wales. “Working with the  mal positioned or mal presenting baby”.

18th-21st April 2013 Da A Luz Midwifery Rocks course in Spain. teaching “A Global perspective on politics and midwifery.”

December 2012  “Once More Unto The Breech” study day in London, with Mary Cronk and Joy Horner – replaced by Shawn Walker due to unforseen circumstances.

November 2012 Heads Up International Breech Birth Conference in Washington DC. “Arse Backwards, Birth Stories”. What I have learnt about breech birth from Mary Cronk and the women I’ve cared for.

November 2012 Portsmouth hospital, Bournemouth university second year midwifery students. “The End Of Independent Midwifery?”

September 2012 Bournemouth University theme day . “Independent midwifery, the final chapter”.

July 2012 Bereavement study day in Woking– with Mel Scott of Finley’s footprints.

June 2012 Da a Luz birth festival Brighton with Vanessa Brooks. workshops include breech, twins and holding your own in the rocky sea of midwifery.

26th and 27th May 2012 Breech birth – a homage to Mary Cronk at the MAMA conference in Troon, Scotland.

19th May 2012 Once more unto the breech with Joy Horner and Mary Cronk at the Anglia Ruskin University. A study day for midwives and student midwives.

18th May 2012 Breech Birth  Bournemouth University study day for student midwives.

Saturday 3rd December 2011 in Glastonbury – Spiritual world of pregnancy conference  – see homepage for details

14th November 2011 Bournemouth University 2nd year student midwives The Role and Future of Authentic Midwifery with Joy Horner

22nd October 2011 Da a Luz, Spain – study day for birthworkers Breech birth skills with Joy Horner

15th October 2011 St Hellier Hospital, Carshalton – Study day for Midwives Once More Unto the Breech with Mary Cronk and Joy Horner.

13th October 2011 Taunton Birth Forum Breech Birth with Joy Horner including encouraging breech babies to turn and options for breech birth.

1st October 2011 Becoming a Midwife workshop with Joy Horner and Tara Windmill-Robson.

24th September 2011 Totnes -Study Day for doulas and midwives Once More Unto the Breech with Mary Cronk and Joy Horner.

6th August 2011 Aberystwyth Hospital -Study day for midwives Once More Unto the Breech with Mary Cronk and Joy Horner.

25th July 2011 London- Doula workshop Supporting Breech Birth Choices with Shawn Walker and Joy Horner.

15th-17th July 2011 Buddafields festival Pregnancy and Birth Workshops facilitated by the brilliant Vanessa Brooks. Ably assisted by Roma Norriss, Raminda speedwell-Walters, Julie Dawid , and Joy Horner

18th/19th June 2011 Westbury Birth Festival Professional Indemnity Insurance and The future of Independent Midwifery with Sadie and Joy Horner.

5th June 2011 Sunrise festival Your Perfect Pelvis with Joy Horner. Featuring the anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles, pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage. and positions to facilitate baby’s passage through the pelvis.

20th May 2011 Bournemouth University, 1st year student midwives The Mother -Midwife Relationship with Joy Horner and a very important Dad.

10th February 2011 Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital- study day for midwives and Obstetricians An Introduction to Breech Birth Skills with Mary Cronk, Joy Horner and Shawn Walker.

Birth Joy pregnancy class belly painting

3 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Hi Joy!

    I am one of the second year student midwives from Bournemouth.I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of all of us, for the time you took to come and chat with us (and bring us beautiful homemade brownies!) We really appreciate your effort and truly value all your wonderful knowledge!

    Thanks Again

    Amy x

  2. Hi Joy
    I am a final year student midwife training in the South. I attended a breech birth study day in 2013 which you spoke at and you, along with the rest of the day, truly inspired me.
    I am interested to put a piece in my portfolio (final assessment for this year) about breech birth and would like to base it around reflections on a picture or a sculpture of breech birth. I have found a single pendant depicting a sort of breech so far but nothing more, and was hoping you might perhaps be able to point me in the right direction to get something I could work around?

    Thanks so much, Alex

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