Consultation appointment with Midwife Joy Horner in Glastonbury

Consultation appointment with Midwife Joy Horner in Glastonbury

An hour long consultation with your own private midwife at The Red Brick Building in Glastonbury.


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Book a consultation with Joy Horner Independent Midwife to plan your birth, or for additional pregnancy or postnatal support. These consultations are designed to complement, and not replace your usual midwifery care. You can talk through your fears, find out about your rights and options, make a birth plan, or just know I’m there for the myriad of questions that come with pregnancy or caring for a new baby. A consultation also useful if you’d like to talk through your birth or plan your next baby after a difficult birth experience.

I have been a professional midwife for 15 years and a nurse for 17 years before that, so can help you navigate the many worries of pregnancy and parenthood. You can book a consultation at any point in pregnancy or in the postnatal period.

Held at my office in The Red brick Building in Glastonbury the consultation is one hour long. Longer consultations may be advised for complex issues.

Concessionary rates available for those in receipt of benefits.

Please phone me on 07939247462 for a free 10 minute chat to see how I can help you or to book a confidential appointment.

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