Wise Woman On The Hill

Your guide through life’s transitions and rites of passage

Caring for families since 1984 as a former Registered General Nurse and Registered Midwife. I left the midwifery register in 2021 to be able to serve families in a holistic way, encompassing their spiritual and social needs and wishes, as well as caring for any physical needs. I now work as a Perinatal consultant, educator, Speaker, Birthkeeper and Mentor.

My Journey so far has been one of unlearning much of the medical model of care, whilst embracing the ancestral, spiritual, and shamanic aspects of our soul’s path to wholeness. My wisdom has been honed by further trainings in Shamanic Womancraft with Jane Hardwicke-Collings and Integrative baby Therapy with Mathew Appleton, as well as my own soul’s path through childhood trauma, birth trauma, near death experience, and the loss of loved ones.

I was a midwife for 21 years, and worked 16 years as an Independent homebirth midwife. I now work as a Sacred Birthkeeper, Perinatal Consultant, and Wise Woman, caring for families through Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting, wherever you live in the world.

ABOUT ME – Wise Woman Philosophy

When I was small child I learnt that I had to follow the rules, to make myself small and be a good girl to stay safe.

As I grew and questioned what I’d been taught, I learnt that not everyone tells the truth, and that no one actually knows what is right for me better than my own inner-knowing.

Throughout my 37 years as a health professional I learnt that the patient or client is usually right about their own condition, as well as what will best support their health and recovery.

Having lived for nearly 6 decades now I understand a lot about life, death, as well as the many transitions in between. We are here to love and care for each other, and our mother earth who sustains all life.

Joy Horner,
Wise Woman on the Hill.
Perinatal Consultant, Birthkeeper and Mentor