Having worked in the NHS as a former nurse and midwife,  I know how fragmented care can sometimes be. I know that birth outcomes are better with continuity of  caring support. I grew dissatisfied being part of this system and wanted to offer individualised support during such an important time in a family’s life, so was an independent Midwife for 16 years, 2005 to 2021.
I am no longer a registered midwife but can still provide quality support and information. I am also a qualified Antenatal Educator so can help educate you about birth and beyond. I have a very small case-load of clients which means I can give a high quality service. The care I can give each family is complementary to your NHS care and does not replace it.

Knowledge is power!

I am a Professional Maternity Advocate, educating families about their rights and choices in maternity care, through consultations mentoring and online classes. Because I do not work for the NHS I can provide you with totally independent and unbiased information. 

“Your human rights do not end the moment you become pregnant!”

I have specialised in working with families after their previous trauma, and my care is inclusive of all humans. I am a feminist and stand for the equal rights of  Women, people from BAME communities, those with different mental and physical abilities, people who define as LGBTQAI+, and families of any cultural or religious beliefs.

My Philosophy

I believe that pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood are life-affirming and life-altering events which should be celebrated. I believe in women and birthing people’s ability to give birth, and that childbirth is a normal bodily function for which we’ve been well designed.
Each person’s body contains a perfect blueprint for birth which is unique to them. Women and birthing people’s bodies are perfectly designed to carry, grow, birth, and nourish their babies. Birth is an everyday miracle that has the power to positively transform families. When well supported people often describe giving birth as joyful and even ecstatic!

“A positive birth experience is the perfect start to parenthood.”

Everyone should be able to choose the care that is best for them and their baby. I support a woman or birthing person’s right to accept or decline any intervention, after full discussion.

You deserve good care and I can help you achieve it!