The cost of my services are of course more than the average birthkeeper, but reflect my professional qualifications, my experience of 38 years as a health professional and qualified childbirth educator, the many families I have served, books and research papers I’ve read, and knowledge gained from training courses I have attended in my 22 years as a Midwife and Birthkeeper.  Don’t let the cost put you off enquiring!

Having been present at the births of hundreds of babies I have learnt how best to care for, and support people through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood, optimising the chances of you having a positive birth and postnatal experience.”

I have never turned away anyone for lack of money, but I will only work with people who are committed to working with me wholeheartedly.

  • Alternative methods of payment, or payment by instalments may be possible.
  • I can always help you with my free resources including a free 15minute consultation.
  • Find Free information in my blog, Facebook and instagram page, podcasts and YouTube channel.
  • Payment plans and interest free instalments can be arranged to suit any budget.
  • Concessions are always available for low income families, Particularly those with protected characteristics.

Money can be a difficult subject, but my clients always consider my services money well spent!

Your initial 15 minute enquiry is always free.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Options

Become a member of The Wise Woman Community.

  • Join my exclusive online community for just £10 per month. You’ll benefit from online content, including articles and live broadcasts. You will also benefit from being the first to hear about my classes and courses.  £10 per month.
  • Join my online community plus join a monthly zoom circle to ask questions and discuss pregnancy, birth and parenting for £15 per month.
  • Join my Pregnancy Plus Plan which includes membership to my exclusive online community, Monthly pregnancy zoom circle plus a 30 minute consultation with me each month. £40 per month
  • Join my Pregnancy Premium Plan which includes membership to my exclusive online community, Monthly pregnancy zoom circle plus a 60 minute consultation with me each month. this plan is ideal for those  who wish to work through birth trauma or fears before birth. £70 per month.

Work with me online or in my Glastonbury Office

  • My professional consultation fee is £70 per hour.
  • Individual Antenatal or Postnatal Support sessions, to compliment your NHS midwifery care at £70 per hour (including travel expenses) if within a 20 mile radius of Glastonbury. Or visit me in my Glastonbury office.
  • If bought as a bundle of ten 60 minute appointments antenatally or postnatally you get a free consultation appointment (worth £70). 

Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Care

  • Mini Pregnancy or Postnatal Care Package. This includes email contact throughout pregnancy,  30% off my online courses, one antenatal appointment, on call for your labour, a 30 minute labour call, and one postnatal session in your own home (or by skype or zoom). £250.
  • Pregnancy or Postnatal Care Package includes a free consultation, 5 antenatal appointments, 50% off my online courses, email and phone contact throughout, on call for your labour, a 30 minute labour call, and 5 postnatal appointments for £800.
  • Premium Pregnancy or Postnatal Care Package – includes a free consultation, 10 antenatal appointments, 50% off my online courses, private email and phone contact throughout your care period, on call for your labour, a 30 minute labour call, and 10 postnatal appointments for £1,500.
  • I am available for virtual labour birth support wherever you live in the world by zoom, skype etc. Prices start at £100 for 4 weeks on-call and a 30 minute call.
  • Book me to be on-call around the time of your birth to answer any last minute phone queries you have in early labour or as a second professional opinion. You need to book me in advance for an on-call period from 37-42 weeks plus your first 30 minute call. by phone, zoom or skype for just £100. **This needs to be booked in advance of 37 weeks so I know when to be on-call for you.**
  • My online courses start at just £5! See my full range of online courses here 

Contact me on (UK +44)07939247462 for a free 15 minute discussion about my services or to design a bespoke care package

or email me at