60 minute Telephone/skype or zoom Midwifery appointment

60 minute Telephone/skype or zoom Midwifery appointment

Book a one to one, hour long confidential telephone or skype consultation with Midwife Joy Horner. Useful for birth planning, birth de-briefing, information on your maternity rights including how to access your medical records. I can help you plan your VBAC, your caesarean or breech birth. Book just one hour or arrange a course of consultations for regular support throughout your pregnancy or the postnatal period.


To book a Midwifery telephone, skype or zoom consultation first phone me on 07939247462 or email midwife@birthjoy.co.uk for a free 15minute consultation. Then decide if you would like to book an hour face to face, telephone, skype or zoom consultation.

You can book a single consultation or book a series of consultations for support throughout pregnancy or the postnatal period. These consultations are complementary to your usual maternity care, providing extra support and information to enable you to make informed choices. Whether you need information on where to give birth, making a birthplan, support with breastfeeding, or how to cope with a newborn baby, I am able to offer professional information and support. Y You can also book a face to face consultation for £60 if you live within a 20 mile radius of my home in Glastonbury

Option 1 – single 60 minute telephone consultation.

 This option enables you to book as many single consultations as you want, when you need them. A one-off 60 minute consultation costs  £50. If you need to contact me again, you can simply book for another session. 

You can also book 5 appointments, in advance, for £250 including a free initial or postnatal consultation, which usually would cost another £50.

or 10 appointments for £500, including a free 60 minute initial consultation and one 60 minute postnatal call (which usually cost another £50 each).                                                                                 

I accept payment by bank transfer or via paypal.


Telephone Consultation with registered Midwife Joy Horner:
A 60 minute telephone consultation with Registered Midwife, Joy Horner in the privacy of your own home. Intended to complement your usual antenatal and postnatal care, this service can offer support and information to help you make truly informed decisions. Choose a one-off consultation or get a discount by buying 5 or 10 consultations in advance. It is important that you also attend your scheduled appointments with your usual midwife or doctor.

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