Virtual Birth Support

Virtual Birth Support

Labour support by zoom or phone


Support and information for your labour and birth wherever you live by phone or zoom.

These sessions need to be booked before 36 weeks of pregnancy to enable me to plan the on-call period – usually 38-41 weeks of pregnancy.

Use this call to discuss your feelings as labour starts,  after you have called your midwife if you have any questions, or if you would like more information and support as your labour progresses at home or in hospital.

Once you have booked me for the on-call period you can phone me any time day or night to use your 60 minutes in whatever way suits you. perhaps a 30 minute phone call, followed by 2, 15 minute calls, or 4x 15 minute calls – only you will know what you need on the day.

Please be aware that I am no longer a registered midwife so cannot give midwifery advice. I provide emotional support and information, and will advise you to call your midwife if you have any major concerns.

I should not be booked as a substitute for midwifery care, as I am no longer on the midwifery register.


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