Useful info which may help your pregnancy/birth decision making, and practical parenting advice. Please consult your own midwife for more specific advice.


Your midwife will bring all equipment necessary for the birth, but you may like to consider preparing some of the following:
  • A birth pool, deep bath or shower. For pain relief even if not planning to give birth in water.
  • Lots of towels to dry mother and baby.
  • 2 Waterproof covers for floor and settee or bed.
  • Lots of old sheets or towels to lie over waterproof covers.
  • Buckets or bowls x2.
  • Nourishing drinks and snacks for labour e.g. milkshakes, sports drinks, (and bendy straws). fruit, and cereal bars etc.
  • Hot/cold packs, wheat bag or hot water bottle.
  • Bin liners.
  • Soft lighting, music of your choice, aromatherapy oils, homoeopathic remedies if you wish.
  • Something cold, on ice to celebrate with.

What equipment can I provide you with if you book with me?

  • Birth Pool
  • Tens machine
  • Birth Ball
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Massage tools
Angela Horn’s brilliant site contains lots of research and women’s experiences of homebirth

Breech birth

see The Breech Birth Network site for support and information on breech birth.
You tube breech birth in water shows a breech birth in water.