I am no longer a registered Midwife but I can still provide impartial information and support throughout your pregnancy, in labour or postnatally to complement your regular maternity care. As a perinatal consultant I offer Pregnancy consultations, Coaching and Support sessions, Labour and birth education, Professional advocacy, Birth planning, and Trauma-aware de-briefing services. 

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also be a time when fears and worries can surface. If your care provider does not have enough time or knowledge to help calm your fears with accurate information it can leave you fearful or frustrated. Some people turn to friends and family or the internet to give them the answers they seek – the trouble being that there is so much information out there, how do you know which is the most accurate or even up to date? Is it based on science or just opinion? And, how do you decide if any procedure you read about will actually be right for you, in your current pregnancy or birth?

This is where I can help you. I stopped being a midwife in 2021 after 21 years of practice and am now a Birthkeeper. I have attended hundreds of births, and supported many, many families to have empowered and joyful pregnancies and births. I specialise in providing support to clients who have suffered previous trauma, helping them prepare for an empowered healing birth. Regular appointments throughout pregnancy can help you to work through fears, and plan coping strategies for pregnancy and birth.

Let me support you, so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy and look forwards to giving birth!

Contact me for a free 15 minute discussion to find out which of my services would support you best.

You can book a one-off consultation with me to discuss a specific topic, or a package of regular coaching sessions throughout your pregnancy for greater support.

During appointments I provide information on your rights and options, how to effectively liaise with maternity services, birth planning including VBAC or Breech birth, de-briefing previous birth experiences, etc.

I can also provide practical advice on preparing for baby’s arrival. From advice on baby care and equipment, to what prepare for labour, what to pack in your labour bag, and tips that other parents have found helpful.

These visits do not replace your usual maternity care, but they can compliment it, providing you with independent information to make the most of your pregnancy, birth, and postnatal experiences.

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Other Support Options


My Professional consultations are ideal if you would like an Antenatal Education session, Help making a Birth Plan, Information to help you Make Decisions About Your Maternity Care – including planning a VBAC or Breech Birth, Debriefing a previous birth, or Preparing for Birth After Previous Trauma.

Appointments are available by zoom, in person, in my Glastonbury office, or in your own home. Mileage is payable at 45p/mile if over a 40 mile round trip.

If you live further away appointments are also available by phone, or zoom.

My professional fees are £70 per hour or £130 for up to 2 hours.

If you would like regular care or support there are discounts if you book a Package of 5 or 10 sessions. 

Pregnancy Care – MINI Package

* A free initial 60 minute consultation

* Five 60 minute Pregnancy support sessions,

* Email support throughout pregnancy.

* 30% discount on any of my online classes or courses.

* Access to my online pregnancy group.

* The option to book me to be on-call for phone/skype labour support from 38-41 weeks for an additional £200 (usual price £250)

Mini Pregnancy Support Package cost is £350 (usual price £420 if sessions booked individually).

Labour Support Call.

My fee is £250 for being on call between 38-42 weeks and a 60 minute phone or zoom call with me.

Pregnancy Care -FULL Package

* Initial free 60 minute consultation to clarify your needs, and formulate a care plan (usual price £70).

* 10 Pregnancy support sessions, each lasting one hour, in person, by zoom, or phone.

* All appointments are at a mutually convenient time, and can be rescheduled if you give me 24hrs notice.

* Contact me by  e-mail with any questions throughout your pregnancy.

* Plus 50% off any scheduled antenatal classes I teach, and 50% discounts on my online courses.

* Sessions are recommended monthly until 30 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then weekly until you give birth. We will work together to formulate an individualised appointment schedule for you.

* The option to book an additional phone/zoom labour support call with me from 38-41 weeks for £200 (usual price £250).

* Access to information and online resources to help you make informed choices about your care including access to my online pregnancy group.

Total Pregnancy Support Package cost is £700 (usual price £770 if sessions purchased individually).

Antenatal Education:

I have a Diploma in Antenatal Education through the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and have taught antenatal classes since 2001. This a great way to prepare for labour, birth and the reality of parenthood. Individual antenatal education sessions are available in person in my home in Glastonbury, or by zoom to prepare you and your birth partner for birth and beyond. I also run group antenatal classes (currently online) where you can meet other families who are pregnant and learn practical skills for labour and early parenthood. I have also written several online classes this year which you can access whenever you like.

Preparing for a Joy Full Birth Mini Course

If you area first time parent and do not know where to start you will find lots of practical information on choosing your place of birth, writing birth plans etc. It costs just £5 and is a quick “I know nothing, where do I get started?” course.


Writing an Effective Birth Plan

Everything you need to know to write an effective birth plan. We all know that birth cannot be planned, but planning your birth choices can. To do this you need information about your rights and maternity choices. How to optimise your chances of a straightforward birth and how to ask effective questions is also covered in this course. Cost £15.


Preparing for Birth Without a Health Professional

This best selling online course was inspired by many families asking for help at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It was designed for anyone who is worried about their baby arriving before they get to a birth centre or hospital, or if your midwife does not make it to your home birth before baby arrives. Since then I have updated it to be relevant for those planning a freebirth too!

It also is great information for doulas and partners who may be present at a birth without a midwife in attendance. It contains a lot of practical information for what to do if a birth is happening quickly, if there is heavy bleeding, or a baby that is slow to breathe, as well as the rarer scenarios of shoulder dystocia and unplanned breech birth. It costs £35.


Ultimate Birth Supporter’s Guide to Birth (coming soon)

Having an effective and loving birth supporter can make all the difference to your birth experience. They need information on how to create an oxytocin filled birth space, Practical labour skills and how to care for themselves during labour and birth. £15.


Life After Birth

This popular course Is a comprehensive guide to life with a new baby. It covers what to expect day by day in the first week, and baby care up to 6 weeks after birth. There are practical videos on all aspects of baby care and safety. I also cover your postnatal recovery and mental health, and share practical tips to make your life as a new parent a little easier. It costs £30.


The Ultimate Birth Preparation Course

My best online birth preparation class for expectant parents. Learn practical skills and tips to enable you to have the best birth possible. Covering everything from mental and practical preparations, writing birth plans, how to optimise your chances of straightforward birth to practical baby care and postnatal recovery. £40


4 week Interactive online course (not available currently)

This interactive course contains my ultimate birth preparation online course combined with 4 weekly, one hour zoom meetings to cover practical skills and to answer any queries you may have. Small enjoyable classes. Particularly suitable for busy people, or as a refresher class. Cost £100 per couple.


One to One Antenatal Classes – If you cannot attend my group classes I can teach you privately in your own home or by zoom. You will learn all you need to know to prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. Cost £70 per hour. Ideal as a refresher class if this is not your first baby. First-time parents find  2x two hour sessions (4hrs teaching) for £250 covers all their needs.

MamaVillage Prenatal pregnancy support group – for anyone pregnant who wishes join like-minded pregnant women/individuals to share ideas and information. Facilitated my myself, and Jady Mountjoy, an experienced local doula. Using elements of Birthing From Within and Shamanic Womancraft we can help you explore your journey to parenthood. We meet in person in the miracles room on Glastonbury High Street, every Wednesday 10:00 am to 12:00 midday, cost £8 per week. You will also have access our private WhatsApp group for support between meetings. Contact me if you would like to join us.

Parent and Baby Group – Open to anyone who has a baby or child, for support and information. 12-14:00pm every Wednesday. Suggested donation £4. There is also a whatsApp group for peer support between meetings.

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