I provide in-person, online or telephone consultations to inform, inspire, and empower parents to prepare for the wonders and practicalities of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.  Combining modern evidence, ancient wisdom and 37 years of professional experience as a former nurse and midwife. I am committed to assisting  families to achieve the childbirth experience they hope for, and help babies to be born gently, and in love.

Over the last few years, the number of NHS antenatal and postnatal appointments has been markedly reduced.  Midwifery clinics are often very busy, and individualised care from a known midwife can be is severely limited.

I help families to access antenatal, birth, and postnatal information and provide support for their choices. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of my services as an Independent Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Consultant. My sessions complement, but do not replace the care provided by your maternity care provider, and are accessible wherever you live in the world.

My role is supporting and protecting normality, and in helping people avoid unnecessary interventions.  I can support you practically, emotionally and spiritually to help you keep your pregnancy, birth and postnatal periods as stress free as possible, optimising the chances of you, and your baby being in the best mental and physical health possible, no matter what type of birth you have.

By offering you the opportunity to discuss any issues relating to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, I support and inform parents, and provide the time needed to explore all available options without agenda.  During your appointments I can provide you with balanced information so you can make informed decisions that are right for you, your baby and wider family.

Contact me by email or phone for a free initial 15-minute consultation.  During your call we can discuss your requirements, and work out which type of care would best suit your needs. Perhaps a one-off 60-minute consultation,  a package of support sessions, joining my online community, or perhaps an online course may be more appropriate for you. 

My services compliment your usual maternity care from your  midwife or doctor, and are not designed to replace it.  

I believe in keeping my care as affordable as possible, so please discuss if you are unwaged or in receipt of benefits as concessions are available.

Pregnancy, and Postnatal Care and Support Sessions:

You can book just one, or many single sessions as, and when you need them. 

Or a Mini or Total care package, which offer a pre-booked package of sessions at a discounted price.

Single Appointments

A one-off 60 minute consultation in person, by phone or online. These sessions can be used to de-brief previous birth experiences, talk through any fears you have, to make a comprehensive birthplan, to discuss your options for breech birth or vaginal birth after caesarean(VBAC). A single consultation costs £70. If you need another appointment you can simply book for another session. 


Mini Care Package

A 5-session package –  plus one free consultation. Booked and paid for in advance, the mini package sessions can be booked for pregnancy, postnatal or a combination of both. The schedule of appointments will be finalised at booking when you have decided what will work best for you. You also benefit from free email contact with me throughout your care period. The mini package Costs £350 (saving £70 if sessions are booked individually). If you need more sessions, additional consultations can be booked at any time.                             


Full Care Package

This 10 session package, plus one free consultation – Booked and paid for in advance, your sessions can be booked for pregnancy or postnatal support, or a combination of both. Plus email contact throughout pregnancy, a 50% discount on my online courses and classes. Cost £700 (saving over £70 if sessions and courses are booked individually). If you need more, sessions you can book more at any time.                                           


Once you have decided to book with me and we have agreed a schedule, you can book your appointments, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, in-person (if you live within 20 miles of Glastonbury, UK) in my Glastonbury Office, by zoom, online or by phone, at a time to suit you.  Whichever option you choose, you can always add extra sessions later if needed.

  • Over the course of your pregnancy we will get to know each other,  building a trusting relationship, and giving you the time you need to talk about what matters most to you. 
  • I can share research-based information, and give practical tips for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • We can address your fears, or work with me to resolve previous birth trauma.
  • Regular appointments enable you to build your confidence in birth, and belief in yourself.
  • Prepare Practically, Spiritually and emotionally for the arrival of your baby. 
  • I can help you liaise with health professionals, and understand medical jargon.
  • You can use your sessions to prepare for Freebirth.
  • Once your baby has arrived I am available to support you and your family, as well as giving guidance on baby care, postnatal recovery, infant feeding etc.


As well as booking my professional support services, you can access my online courses, antenatal education, and virtual birth support .

Contact me here  for a free 15 minute phone call, to discuss how I can help you.                                                                         

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