About Me

As a Registered Midwife with 20 years experience I provide Professional appointments for Antenatal education, Birth planning, Birth debriefing, VBAC, and Breech birth planning. I specialise in supporting people who’s previous birth experiences have been traumatic, and caring for those who have suffered adverse events in childhood, or as an adult.
Whatever your needs  please feel free to contact me for friendly, unbiased information. I provide a range of Midwifery Support, Education and Mentoring services, online, by phone, or in person.
I am not providing clinical midwifery care currently.
  • Phone or email me for a free 15 minute consultation to discover how I can help you achieve the birth and postnatal experience you hope for.
  • Contact me if you are having difficulties getting the care you need, or have been given conflicting information by health professionals.
  • I specialise in helping women and birthing people who have complex needs or a history of previous trauma. 
Phone me on 07939247462 for a free 15 minute consultation, or email midwife@birthjoy.co.uk

Support and Antenatal Education sessions can include:
  •  Regular 60 minute information and support appointments throughout pregnancy or postnatal period. you can book a Total or Mini Pregnancy or Postnatal Support Package.
  • Birth planning , vaginal birth after previous caesarean or if planning a vaginal breech birth
  • Opportunity to learn about your rights and choices, discuss pregnancy queries, and how to prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood.
  • Birth preparation, breathing, labour positions, visualisation, relaxation sessions.
  • Practical parenting information for you and your birth partner.
  •  Up to date information on your rights and choices.
  • Debriefing previous birth experiences and reducing  labour and birth fears.
  • Labour contact by phone/skype can also be provided if if you  or your partner need to phone me for support in labour.you need an expert second opinion (these must be pre-planned so I can know when to be on-call). 
  • Antenatal and Postnatal sessions can be one-offs, or daily for the first few days postnatal, decreasing in frequency as your confidence grows.
  • I can provide feeding support and information on baby care, as well as emotional and practical support for the new family.
  • Professional Advocacy.
  • Rewind sessions (to help resolve symptoms of birth trauma).

  • Antenatal Education classes in Person or online courses 

One-off antenatal or postnatal support sessions are available at £60/hour in person or by skype or phone.
For my full range of services  see additional midwifery services

 Contact Joy Horner to discuss or book an appointment on 0793924746 or email joy@birthjoy.co.uk