What is the Rewind Technique?

It is not therapy or counselling.

It is away of reducing the symptoms of trauma in 3 steps

The fight, flight or freeze response is one of our most primitive survival systems and is designed to allow us to act in the face of life threatening danger. When this response has been activated and we cant fight or flee these feelings can remain and be re-activated if anything reminds us of the traumatising event. Our emotions of fear or helplessness during the trauma become linked to the memory of the event
Although the traumatic event is over and we survived we can re-experience these traumatic symptoms in our everyday lives, which can be really distressing. Symptoms like the constant replaying, or avoiding the memory, hyper vigilance, anxiety and anger can be exhausting.
The rational, thinking part of our brain (pre frontal cortex) tries to reassure us that nothing is wrong in the present moment, but it can’t override the stress signals we are experiencing. So we may feel we experiencing the feelings associated with what happened again and again.
Friends and family may not fully understand that we cannot control these feelings because our brain has formed pathways between the memory and the feelings of what happened. The rewind technique can unhook the feelings from the memories. Your memories of the event will remain unchanged but the connection to the associated feelings should diminish.

What does it involve?

This gentle technique involves 3 stages:

In the first session – I can hear your story if you want to share it. It is fine if you don’t want to tell your story, if it would be too upsetting for you. This technique works just as well content-free. I will ask what changes you would like to see once your symptoms have resolved, and I will guide you in a gentle relaxation.
In session 2 – I will ask how you have been, and guide you in a deep relaxation where you can observe your traumatic experience from a safe distance, as if it were playing on a TV screen. I will check that you are comfortable throughout the process.
By Session 3 – most people have found significant relief of their symptoms and feel able to imagine a future where they are not bothered by intrusive thoughts and feelings. If you have not had a significant improvement we can repeat the rewind technique in this session.
Sessions can be conducted face to face at my home in Glastonbury, in your home if you live within a 20 mile radius of my home, by phone, zoom, or other media.
Each session lasts about one hour and costs £60 per session. Sometimes only 2 sessions are required.

Benefits of the 3 step rewind technique can include

A relief of trauma symptoms after 2 or 3 sessions
Many people report a significant diminishing or complete eradication of distressing symptoms and feelings.
If talking about your traumatic experience would feel too difficult, you do not have to, this technique is just as effective if we do it content-free.
This technique is useful in eliminating symptoms or distressing feelings that persist months or even years after a traumatic event.

Please also seek the help of your GP or talking therapies if your symptoms are at a level that impacts tour normal daily activities or have have lasted many months. Self-refer to Somerset talking therapies here or find similar in your area.

Cost £180 for 3 sessions.

Email me: joy@birthjoy.co.uk or phone 07939247462 to arrange an appointment.