According to a recent study the benefits of antenatal education which focuses on pain relief techniques, led to less intervention in labour and birth.

This study found that women in the study group:

Had a significant reduction in epidural rates compared with women in the control group (23.9% vs 68.7%)

Had a reduced caesarean section rate (18.2% vs 32.5%)

Were significantly less likely to require their labour to be accelerated using artificial means (28.4% vs 57.8%) or have perineal trauma (84.7% vs 96.4%)

Had a shorter second stage of labour (mean difference of 32 minutes)

Babies in the study group were also less likely to require resuscitation (with oxygen and/or bag and mask) at birth (13.6% vs 28.9%)

Classes and Workshops in Glastonbury

If you are Pregnant you can join our weekly Village prenatal group. Wednesdays 10-12midday in The Miracles room, Glastonbury. Sharing circles, craft, discussions and refreshments for £8 per session. partners are invited to join you on the second Wednesday of each month for £8 each.

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Birth with Joy! Online Courses and Classes

I have distilled my 21 years Midwifery experience, 24 Years as an NCT qualified Antenatal educator, and 30+ years parenting experience into these online courses. I have written courses for every aspect of pregnancy, birth, and care for a new baby, suitable for everyone, whether you are expecting your first baby or you have given birth before.

If this is your first baby and don’t know where to start, you can try a mini course, writing an effective birth plan, or take the ultimate antenatal course – which should be the only course you need.

If you have given birth quickly before, or perhaps you are planning an unassisted birth, then my “Birth without a midwife” course may help you feel more prepared.

Perhaps you’ve had a traumatic birth and would like to feel more empowered in your birth choices, take my birth plan course, the full Ultimate Birth Preparation Course or book a private birth consultation with me for birth story healing sessions.

Online Courses:

Preparing for a Joy Full Birth Mini Course

If you area first time parent and do not know where to start you will find lots of practical information on choosing your place of birth, writing birth plans etc. It costs just £5 and is a quick “I know nothing, where do I get started?” course.


Writing Effective Birth Plans

Everything you need to know to write an effective birth plan. We all know that birth cannot be planned, but planning your birth choices can. To do this you need information about your rights and maternity choices. How to optimise your chances of a straightforward birth and how to ask effective questions is also covered in this course. Cost £15.


Preparing for Birth Without a Midwife or Doctor

This best selling online course was inspired by many families asking for help at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It caters for anyone who is worried about their baby arriving before they get to a birth centre or hospital, or if your midwife does not make it to your home birth before baby arrives. It also is great information for doulas and partners who may be present at a birth without a midwife in attendance. It contains lots of practical information on what to do if a birth is happening quickly, if there is heavy bleeding, or a baby that is slow to breathe, as well as the rarer scenarios of shoulder dystocia and unplanned breech birth. It costs £20.


The Ultimate Birth Supporter’s Guide to Birth (coming soon)

Having an effective and loving birth supporter can make all the difference to your birth experience. They need information on how to create an oxytocin filled birth space, Practical labour skills and how to care for themselves during labour and birth. £15.


Life After Birth

This popular course Is a comprehensive guide to life with a new baby. It covers what to expect day by day in the first week, and baby care up to 6 weeks after birth. There are practical videos on all aspects of baby care and safety. I also cover your postnatal recovery and mental health, and share practical tips to make your life as a new parent a little easier. It costs £30.


The Ultimate Labour and Birth Preparation Course

My ultimate birth preparation course contains everything you need to prepare for labour, birth and new parenthood. It covers everything in my other classes in the one course so is the only course you will need. It helps you prepare by looking at birth fears and beliefs, and preparing for life after birth. I cover practical preparation for labour and birth, and downloads including birth plan templates and what equipment to get ready for labour and baby. You will find videos of practical parenting tips for feeding and soothing, changing nappies and bathing your baby. As well as an extensive list of resources. It costs £40.


Online live Birth Preparation Classes

My Interactive classes are the most accessible way to get the information you need in your pregnancy, particularly if you want to learn about practical skills for labour and the postnatal period. These classes are suitable for women, pregnant people, and their birth supporters. These classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy, but they are most useful from 24 weeks, when you are focusing more on the birth and postnatal periods. Designed to complement my on-line courses, these zoom classes give you time to practice relaxation, visualisation techniques, massage, labour positions, and how to cope with contractions. There is plenty of time to ask any questions you have, or ask for any clarification needed during our meetings. You also get exclusive access to further information in my private facebook group, where you can keep in touch and share birth announcements. Joining these courses allows you to share this information with others in your family too! It is suggested that you take this course along with your birth partners, as they too need preparation and access to good quality information.

My antenatal classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy. They are designed to fit in with busy lifestyles, just pick and choose the classes which you are most interested in.

These classes are best taken along with your birth partner. Ticket cost is per household (concessions are available if needed). These classes are informative and fun. They are held live and interactive via zoom, giving you chance to ask questions as we go along. I suggest you bring a notepad to your class to take notes. If you do not receive a confirmation email from me please check your spam folders. topics can include

Optimising Oxytocin for Labour and Birth

Making an Effective Birth Plan

Labour stages and phases

Birth partner Skills


Prenatal Bonding

Labour stages and phases

Birth Partner labour and birth Skills

The Golden Hour – the precious time after birth

Labour and birth preparation

Preventing Tears