Antenatal Education

Why do We Need Antenatal Education?

Our bodies may know how to give birth to and parent our babies, but our intelligence sometimes gets in the way. Our thinking brain can actually inhibit our natural birthing instincts and cause us to worry. The point of antenatal education is to Look at the process of birth, and address any worries. Information helps us dispel many fears, and feel empowered in our birth and parenting choices.

In our bid to make birth even safer we’ve moved it to a very unnatural environment with bright lights and interruptions. Our instinctive brain finds it hard to relax in these environments, and amongst strangers. Think of cats when they have kittens and go off to a dark comfy corner where they won’t be disturbed.

We no longer live in extended family groups so do not see our relatives in labour or caring for and feeding their babies. We Have not lost the instincts of how to give birth and raise children, but because we are isolated we have lost this frame of reference. Instead we look to media for examples of how others birth and raise children. BUT If you’ve watched people acting in films, birth is not really like that. Even if you’ve watched reality birth programmes (please don’t as they are likely to induce anxiety), please know that these programmes are produced for entertainment, so are edited to show the most dramatic parts of labour and birth. Normal, joyful birth is just not dramatic enough for mainstream TV. And if you google birth on the internet you can come across some very worrying birth practices depending on the country where the birth is happening.