In March 2021 I resigned from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register after being a nurse and midwife for the previous 3 7years. This means I am no longer a Registered Midwife and cannot practice as a midwife. I can however still use many of the skills and knowledge I have gained in my 21 year midwifery career to support and educate families in pregnancy, birth and beyond. I am now a Perinatal Consultant, encompassing the roles of Doula, Advocate, Traditional Birth Attendant, Birthkeeper, Antenatal Educator, and Pregnancy and Postnatal Coach. I provide information and professional support for families before and during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I also mentor and teach Midwives and other birthworkers.

You will benefit from my midwifery training, knowledge and experience of helping hundreds of families prepare for joyful births, the many, families I have helped prepare for pregnancy and birth after previous trauma, as well as from my common sense advice after 30+ years of parenting my own children. I can provide you with information and care antenatally, during your labour, and postnatally, in person or via zoom, phone etc.

Why do people seek my support in pregnancy, birth, and after birth?

Pregnancy and new parenthood can be a time of great joy and excitement, but all too often people can be plagued by worries and questions which can make their experiences less than enjoyable. Lack of time or being unable to get enough quality information from your care providers can add to the problem. Women and pregnant people often seek reassurance from family and friends, or from the internet, but there is so much information to search through, and how do you know which information to trust?

You can work with a trusted professional who will answer your questions honestly. Someone to support you emotionally whilst providing you with unbiased information. Someone who has done all the leg work of trawling through information so you don’t have to, and who has the experience of having cared for hundreds of families.

If you choose to work with me on your journey you can stop the relentless task of searching for the right information and reassurance, and get on with preparing for birth, enjoying your pregnancy, and spending more precious time with your family.

My Professional Experience:

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1987 and a Midwife in 1989. I took time out to have a family of my own, then worked as a nurse before returning to midwifery in 2002. I worked for 3 years as a midwife in a co-located birth centre, caring for women wanting straightforward births. I qualified as an NCT Antenatal Educator in 2002, and became an Independent Midwife in 2005, caring for a predominantly high – risk caseload. I specialised in caring for people who’ve suffered previous trauma, those planning VBAC or spontaneous Breech Births. I have taught midwives, doulas and doctors at conferences and universities in the UK, and Internationally. As an Independent Midwife I was trained and regulated in exactly the same way that NHS Midwives are. 

Quality Information and Support

“As well as sharing unbiased information, I can provide you with practical tips and emotional support, throughout your pregnancy, labour, and postnatal period. I work sensitively with those who have experienced previous trauma. I provide LGBTQAI+ inclusive, trauma aware, and women/person-centred care”.

I provide a high quality caring service tailored to suit your individual requirements. I have a calm and gentle way of working which is very popular with my clients. All care provided is confidential and in the safety and privacy or your own home, online, by phone, or in my Glastonbury office, at times to suit you.

Your initial 15 minutes phone or Zoom consultation is free!

My Fees

I charge more than some doulas, but I have had more training and experience than most, so the care I provide is not comparable with a standard doula. My fees are £70 per hour for consultations  (concessions always available), in your home if you live within a 20 mile radius of my home, or online if you live further afield. Additional travelling costs are chargeable at 45p per mile for in-person visits outside the 20 mile radius of Glastonbury. 

Antenatal and Postnatal care and support can include:

  •  One-off, or regular 60 minute private sessions throughout pregnancy or your postnatal period to suit your needs.

  • Compassionate care and support and help to navigate the emotional challenges of pregnancy and after birth.

  • Plenty of time to explore your rights and choices, and to answer questions or discuss pregnancy worries.

  • Labour and birth preparation sessions.

  • Freebirth preparation and support
  • Preparation for parenthood, practical sessions.

  • Postnatal support and information to ease your transition into parenthood.

  • Care of the placenta including lotus birth, placenta print, and placenta reading
  • Support with  feeding and caring for your baby, or babies.

  • Birth story healing sessions or rewind technique to help after trauma.

Virtual Labour Support by phone or zoom 

Many people seek additional support in the early stages of labour, or when faced with a difficult decision at any stage of labour. I offer labour support by phone or online, to help you make informed choices about your care wherever you live in the world.

  • These sessions must be pre-booked with me, so I know when to be on-call.

  • My on-call fee from 37  to 42 weeks of pregnancy plus a phone call of up to 30 minutes is £100.

  • Further calls will be charged at my usual on-call rate £80 per hour (£20 for up to 15 minutes).

Continuity throughout your Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal period.

  • Online basic care package includes one antenatal and one postnatal appointment, email support, plus on-call period 37-42 weeks, and up to 30 minute call during your labour and birth for £400. 

  • Mini online care package of 5 antenatal, on-call period 37-42 weeks, up to  30 minutes call during your labour and birth, and 5 postnatal appointments, email support, plus a free consultation costs £950.

  • Full online pregnancy, birth and postnatal care package includes 10 antenatal appointments, on-call from 37-42 weeks, and 30 minute call during your labour or birth, 10 postnatal appointments, email and phone support throughout, plus a free consultation for £1,600.

  • Bespoke packages or additional appointments can be scheduled individually as needed.

Single antenatal, or postnatal sessions cost £70/hour in person (if you live within a 20 mile radius of Glastonbury), online, or by phone.

Additional Services

As well as providing care, support and coaching sessions I offer birth planning, Trauma-aware birth healing, Antenatal classes, Online courses, and Rewind sessions (to help resolve symptoms of trauma). I have considerable experience with spontaneous Breech births, and Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC). I specialise in caring for people who’s previous  experiences have been traumatic, and caring for those who have suffered adverse events in childhood, or as an adult.

Contact Joy Horner to discuss or book a free 15 minute consultation on 0793924746