I offer in person or online Postnatal support, rituals, ceremonies, and online courses to provide you with information for your healing journey after birth.

New parents often have many questions about how care for newborns and keep them safe, as well as how to optimise their own physical and emotional healing. I provide care, support and information to aid your postnatal recovery. I can also provide information to help you integrate your experiences and recover emotionally after birth.

In many areas postnatal midwifery care has been reduced to a bare minimum, leaving new parents without support at this important time. My online courses and professional support sessions are designed to compliment your usual maternity care. By providing you with emotional support, and independent information you can concentrate on enjoying life as a new family.

Your care provider may not have enough time or resources to answer all your questions, and information you find online can be overwhelming. Friends and relatives may also offer their opinions on caring for your newborn, leaving you even more confused.

This is where my Professional support can help. During your daily or weekly appointments I can assist you with clear, practical, evidence-based information, enabling you to build your confidence in caring for your new baby, whilst also caring for your own physical and emotional needs.

All sessions are in the comfort of your own home if you live within a 20 mile radius of Glastonbury, online, or by phone, at a mutually convenient time.

Online “Life After Birth” Course

If you need information on practical baby care and what to expect in the early weeks, this course is for you. I cover how to keep baby safe, recognising baby illness, and how to understand baby communication. There are many videos on changing and bathing your baby, winding and soothing your baby as well as links to resources where you can find further help.

It is advisable to do this course before you have your baby, so you can prepare for what is to come. You’ll still benefit if you join in the early days after baby arrives as you can look up specific topics or just follow the day to day guide of what to expect.

All this for just £30 enrol here

Individual Postnatal Support

Book a confidential appointment with me for emotional or practical support and information. I can provide practical tips for all aspects of baby care, including bathing, feeding, sleeping and soothing, as well as tips to enhance your postnatal recovery. I can give my independent opinion on any aspect of care you’ve received, or provide a supportive de-briefing session after a difficult labour or birth. These visits are intended to compliment your usual midwifery care.

£70 per hour in your home (within a 20 mile radius of my home in Glastonbury),  or by  phone or zoom.

Concessions available for those in hardship.

Mini Postnatal Care Package 

Book regular support sessions for the first 6 weeks after birth to compliment your NHS care.  My professional mini support package consists of 5 postnatal support sessions, plus a free consultation. You can take your 5 sessions anytime in the first 6 weeks after birth, but timings must be arranged when your package is booked. We won’t know when your baby will be born, so just let me know the spacing of postnatal sessions you would like eg. day 2, 4, 6, 10, and 14 for example. Then let me know when your baby has been born and we’ll confirm the dates/times of sessions.

The inclusive fee for a free professional consultation plus 5 postnatal sessions is £350 (Usually £420 if sessions purchased separately)

Total Postnatal Care Package

This package of care is particularly suitable for first time parents or those who would like the reassurance of  regular of support after birth. It is designed to complement your usual NHS midwifery care. It includes:

*A free initial consultation (usually £70)

* 10 postnatal sessions, daily at first then less frequently as your confidence grows.
Typically sessions are scheduled for day 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 14, 21, 28 and 35. Sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

* At each session I offer support, practical advice and information, and can answer any questions you may have.

 * Each support session lasts one hour.

* I can show you how to bathe and care for your baby.

* I support both breast or bottle feeding.

Email and phone contact with me throughout your care period.

You can continue with your usual medical care through your maternity provider for things like the newborn examination, heel-prick blood test, newborn hearing screening etc.

50% discount on my on-line baby care course “Life After Birth” for just £15

Birth Trauma Healing

 One-third of people who give birth report their childbirth as traumatic and it is now more widely recognised that following a difficult or traumatic childbirth some people may go on to develop psychological problems. However, it is only relatively recently that it has become accepted that they can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or C-PTSD as a result.


It is not only the experiences of birth which can cause trauma, previous pregnancy losses, illness in pregnancy, difficult labour and birth, fear that your life or baby’s life maybe in danger, a separation from your baby or admission to NICU after birth can all contribute. The result is often postnatal depression or anxiety, or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The effects can be both devastating and debilitating, preventing families from functioning and enjoying parenthood and everyday life. Birth partners who witness traumatic events can also be affected. Seeking support from someone you can trust is important. Your GP, midwife or health visitor may be able to suggest treatments available on the NHS, like a debriefing service, support groups or EMDR therapy. MIND have some great information as do PTSD UK.

I offer private consultations for Birth story healing, Investigating your maternity notes, A professional opinion on what happened and why and the likelihood of it affecting a future pregnancy, 3 Step rewind technique, Re-birthing experience or Closing the bones. Each of these modalities offers different benefits so contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to find out which would be most helpful for you.

Re-birthing Ritual

A re-birthing can be helpful after an unexpected birth outcome, where you didn’t have the birth you planned for. This ritual can be performed after birth for you to somatically experience birthing and meeting your baby in the way you hoped for.

It also works by giving you time and space to grieve the birth you wish you’d had, and to let go of negative feelings associated with this, as part of the ritual.

All you need is a bath or birthpool and some candles if you like. I bring healing bath herbs, smoke purifying herbs, my shamanic drum.

Cost £80 for a 60 minute session.

Closing the Bones Ceremony

Book this special 2 hour ceremony after 6 weeks of your postnatal recovery. This ceremony can help you feel “put back together” after being opened mentally, physically and spiritually during birth. This ceremony can feel profoundly healing for some. It typically involves Room cleansing with sage, rosemary, or paolo santo,

Securely wrapping you in soft shawls

Drumming, or relaxing to soothing music

Time and space to let emotions flow and then to settle

Unwrapping and emerging anew

2 practitioners holding sacred space

Drumming, or relaxing to soothing music

You supply the music, candles, something to eat and drink for during and after the ritual, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable, and we bring the rest. It is helpful to have a partner or friend also present to help attend to your and baby’s needs. This ceremony is best done in the afternoon when you can devote time to relaxation and integration after we have left. 

Cost £160 for up to 2 hours session

To book a consultation or discuss how I can support you, please call Joy Horner on 07939247462