I am a Former Registered Midwife, serving families as a Birth Companion, and Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Specialist.

I am an Antenatal Educator, Perinatal Consultant, Birth Companion, and Professional Advocate

My Name is Joy Horner and I am a former Independent Midwife. I am no longer a Registered midwife but can still use my knowledge and experience gained from helping hundreds of families to support you

What I do

I provide one to one online, and in person support and coaching throughout your pregnancy, labour and after birth. I have written online antenatal courses and antenatal classes.
  1. Inform you of your maternity rights and options
  2. Help you navigate your way through the maternity care system.
  3. Respect and support you as a unique individual
  4. Provide evidence-based information
  5. Support and uphold your choices
  6. Prepare you for your VBAC or Breech birth
  7. Help you prepare for birth after previous trauma
  8. Offer confidential consultations online or in person.
  9. Give tips to optimise your chances of straightforward birth
  10. Be your labour and birth supporter in person or virtually, at home, in a birth centre or in hospital.
  11. Prepare you for the realities of parenthood.
  12. Support your wellbeing in your early days as a new parent and share tips for baby care, feeding, and settling baby, and your postnatal recovery

What I do not do

  1. Deliver your baby – it’s you who delivers your baby!
  2. Bring drugs or midwifery equipment to your birth
  3. Give midwifery advice or tell you what to do.
  4. Take the place of a midwife at your homebirth.

My Experience

  1. I have been a mother for 28 years. I have 2 grown up children.
  2. I was a Registered Midwife for 21 years and a Registered General Nurse for 20 years .
  3. I have a diploma in antenatal education through the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).
  4. I am an accredited 3 step rewind practitioner and have and a couple of counselling certificates.
  5. I did a 2 day training with Penny Simkin called When Survivors Give Birth
  6. I have attended 2 study days with Gail Tully of Spinning babies
  7. I am a trustee for a local baby-loss charity called Towards Tomorrow Together
  8. I visited The Farm in Tennessee to See why Ina May Gaskin’s Statistics are so good
  9. I completed a year’s training in Shamanic Womancraft with Jane Hardwicke-Collings.
  10. I teach study days and at conferences both nationally and Internationally.
  11. And too many other midwifery study days to list here

Contact me

Email Joy@birthjoy.co.uk
or call me on 07939247462 for a free 15 minute consultation

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