2nd SPIRITUAL WORLD OF PREGNANCY STUDY DAY St Mary’s Church Hall, Glastonbury Saturday 3RD December 2011 Womb as world-Hannya Melrose Core process psychotherapist, prenatal & birth therapy Herbs that whisper of life and tenderness-Amanda Rayment Herbalist and workshop facilitator Songs for the unborn child-Debra Norton spiritual midwife Soul essence communion and vibrational medicine-Sophie Knock Flower… Continue reading 2nd SPIRITUAL WORLD OF PREGNANCY STUDY DAY

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Breech Birth

Breech birth is a very complex subject which requires in depth discussion with your care provider. I am lucky to have worked with one of the UK’s most experienced breech birth midwives, Mary Cronk, learning what I can about these unusual, but not abnormal  presentations. I have attended many breech births, attended international breech conferences,… Continue reading Breech Birth

Da a Luz

Just returned from a wonderful week in Spain. I met the wonderful Vanessa Brooks for the first time this year, and offered to share my experiences of breech births with her in Spain. Unfortunately I was only able to spend 24hrs at the Midwives Rock workshop, as my family had accompanied me and were eager… Continue reading Da a Luz

guerilla midwife film trailer

A wonderful film about midwives work, including helping support communities after natural disasters. Very moving indeed. I’ve seen it twice and have been moved to tears each time. click on the link below to view. Peace on earth begins with birth Tweet

Optimal cord clamping is a much kinder transition for the newborn baby

Cutting the baby’s umbilical cord is a ritual repeated unthinkingly by many doctors and midwives every day. Please educate yourself about the potential harm that could be caused for the baby by doing this. In 1796, Dr Erasmus Darwin, a physician, and the grandfather of Charles Darwin, published a book in which he highlighted the dangers of cutting the… Continue reading Optimal cord clamping is a much kinder transition for the newborn baby